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Travel Influencers Share Their Dream Destinations For When Travel Re-Opens

These travel influencers are eager to hop on the next plane once borders open up again. Here are their top destinations.

Image courtesy of @saltinourhair

Hannah & Nick (@saltinourhair)

Founders of travel blog Salt In Our Hair

"France will be our first destination because we've both seen so little about the country and we want to promote traveling close to home."

Image courtesy of @kirstenalana

Kirsten Alana (@kirstenalana)

"I plan to visit my family first since I haven't been able to see them since 2019. Afterward, I'll visit Scotland or France as those are my two favorite places and I just miss them both so much."

Image courtesy of Senna Relax

Senna Relax (@sennarelax)

Travel photographer

"Once the borders open up again, my first travel destination will be Italy and/or Greece! They are both epic countries with good food and nearby one another! Italy because I love road trips and wherever I stop, I know that I’ll love it... Greece is less than three hours away by plane from Switzerland and it’s always amazing!"

Image courtesy of Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard (@chrisburkard)

Photographer (find his online portfolio here)

"The place I missed the most during COVID has to be Japan. I miss tons of different places around the world but I typically go to Japan to shoot skiing every winter which couldn't happen this year. It's one of my favorite assignments that I look forward to doing each year –the snow is incredible but so are the people, the food, and the culture. I've missed this yearly trip greatly and hope to make it back to Japan as soon as possible."

Image courtesy of @bemytravelmuse

Kristin Addis (@bemytravelmuse)

Solo female travel blogger and founder of Wanderbabe Clothing

"I would love to return to Namibia. I’ve booked trips out there twice in the last year and had to cancel both times, so I’m really jonesing for the opportunity to head back! I would love to go on a solo road trip through the country."

Image courtesy of @jpcvanheijst

Christiaan van Heijst (@jpcvanheijst)

"It might not be the most obvious travel destination, but during this crisis, I have been flying non-stop (as a cargo pilot on the 747) and many of my flights take me over Ireland before or after crossing the Atlantic. I would love to see those magical landscapes one day from the ground and experience the Irish culture myself."

Image courtesy of @dennisboeer

Dennis Jack Boeer (@dennisboeer)

Model and travel influencer

"My first point of travel will be anywhere in the mountains. My favorite place I’ve ever been to is Zermatt in Switzerland. I would love to go there again, the mountains and beautiful landscapes give me an incredible amount of energy."

Image courtesy of @clubfashionista

Amra Beganovich (@clubfashionista)

"My first places to visit once travel opens up will be Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sarajevo is a place that is close to my heart and has some of the most beautiful mixes of "East meets West" architecture from the Ottoman and Austrian-Hungarian influences. The food is absolutely incredible, and the convenient location allows you to travel from the Winter Olympic Games mountain tops all the way down to the beautiful coast of Croatia in a single day. The nature is pristine and you can find some of the most scenic hiking trails and natural rivers and lakes"

Image courtesy of @thenomadicpeople

Nash & Kim Finley (@thenomadicpeople)

Professional Hotel, Lifestyle & Travel Photographers

"The first country we would like to travel to when borders open again would be Bhutan. We’ve always been fascinated by cultures far different to our own and Bhutan is one of the most preserved countries in all of Asia, untouched and untainted."


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