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Rachel Demy Recommends 5 Photographers She's Enjoying Right Now

Rachel Demy shares with us her current favourite photographers to follow for inspiration.

Rachel Demy wasn't always on the path to photography. Although her background was in political science, she followed on to pursue a career in band tour management – undoubtedly a dream job for music aficionados. During her time on tour, she participated in many group exhibitions showcasing lesser-known landscapes and sociopolitical commentary work, while documenting her backstage experiences with bands including the long-time favourite Death Cab For Cutie. Her work would capture these fascinating behind-the-scenes dynamics of bands as well as the on-stage moments. Demy is also an avid writer – in part thanks to her degree which covered papers on the DIY cultural movements in the former Soviet bloc – but focusing more on a creative spectrum in line with her photography.

Her works have been featured in Rolling Stone, The Fold, Portland Monthly, Willamette Week, NPR, Boing Boing, Talkhouse, and The Village Voice.

This excerpt is part of our 'Rapid Fire' series from our conversation with Rachel Demy. Stay tuned for the 'Rachel Demy Backstage Band Photo Diary' feature coming out this Fall in print.

Image courtesy of Gagosian

Taryn Simon

"For the seeming ease in which she weaves together her rich images, concepts, words, and an almost catalog-esque aesthetic." – Rachel Demy.

Image courtesy of Autumn de Wilde (via Instagram)

Autumn de Wilde

"For her artistic eye, boundless creativity and the breadth of work she’s done in music, fashion, and now film." – Rachel Demy.

Billie Holiday and Hazel Scott, 1957. Photograph by Roy DeCarava. (c) The Estate of Roy DeCarava. All rights reserved. | Image courtsy of Roy DeCarava (via Instagram)

Roy DeCarava

"For the emotional range in his documentation of Harlem and his embrace of dark photographs as a visual metaphor for Blackness." – Rachel Demy.

Image courtesy of Courtney Coles (via Instagram)

Courtney Coles

"For the depth of work she has made at the intersections of self-portraiture, Black queerness and “quiet” photography." – Rachel Demy.

Image courtesy of Anton Corbijn (via Instagram)

Anton Corbijn

"For his work signature black-and-white photos with Depeche Mode, Nick Cave, and a million other musicians who have changed my life." – Rachel Demy.

Find Rachel, her photography and writing on Instagram @RachelDemy.

Find out more about Rachel's work and buy her prints online.


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