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Pixar’s Float as told by director and writer Bobby Rubio.

Bobby Rubio, a story artist at Pixar and the writer and director of Spark Shorts’ Float, shares his story on self-discovery through animation, drawing and writing.

Float is Bobby's directional debut at Pixar and marks a turning point in Asian-American representation in media, as we stand in solidarity with Asian and Asian-American communities around the world against Anti-Asian hate.

Read on for an excerpt from our feature on ‘Asian Stories’ coming out this Fall in print. - Subscribe to stay plugged in on the release.-

"Float forced me to talk about my son's autism and it has been a very cathartic experience. I found a strength that I didn't know I had because I’ve had to talk about my story in front of hundreds of people, and now millions of people. [At publishing, Float has over 41 million views on YouTube]

In the past, I wouldn't have done that. At the very beginning, when my son was first diagnosed, I probably would have said, no, I'm not going to tell this story. But through the filmmaking process, I've done many interviews, I've talked about my son more and I feel confidence growing in me.

I am grateful that this film was made because now I get to talk to people around the world who went through what I went through. It is great to spread this message — you know you're not alone in thinking you're different.

Now the whole world will see this. It is a movement now, and it is a movement of creativity and love. Hopefully, we can share that with everybody.

Right now, I am working on a big film, plus Pixar’s Lightyear is coming out next year.

In my free time, I am trying to create the next Filipino superhero, Neighborhood Legend."

Find Bobby, his stories and more on Neighbor Legend on Instagram @BobbyRubio.

Support Float by watching the Short Film on YouTube. #StopAsianHate #StopAAPIHate

Float illustrations by Bobby Rubio


Continue for a Behind the Scenes Photo Diary at Pixar Animation Studios...

Bobby Rubio pictured with producer Krissy Cababa during the making of Float.

All images courtesy of Pixar Animation Studios.


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