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Lexi Vega's Top Songs, Local Indie Artists & Tour Essentials

We asked Lexi Vega from Mini Trees for her current top picks in songs, local indie artists and tips while going on tour with cult-favorite Death Cab for Cutie.
Image Courtesy of Lexi Vega (by Danielle Parsons)

This is part of our 'Rapid Fire' Series from our interview with Lexi Vega.

Interview by Ashmitaa Thiruselvam

Lexi Vega's Top 5 Songs Right Now

Medium Build "Rabbit"

(Medium Build, Rabbit, 2021)

I just met Nick of Medium Build at SXSW and he has become a dear friend. I also just discovered that his music is absolutely incredible, so this one is one of my favs.

Fenne Lily "Hypochondriac"

(Fenne Lily, Hypochondriac, 2020)

My friend was just on the road with Fenne Lily which is what led to me hearing this song. It's awesome and has a very epic key change moment.

Mitski "The Only Heartbreaker"

(Mitski, The Only Heartbreaker, 2021)

I've been a Mitski fan for a long time so it's no surprise that I fell in love with the new record. This song pumps me up and makes me feel like I'm in an 80's training montage.

Tristen "Alone Tonight"

(Tristen, Sneaker Waves Album, 2018)

My Nashville friends introduced me to Tristan when we were on the road last winter. I wasn't previously familiar but her songwriting and catchy melodies hooked me immediately.

Hiroshi Sato "Say Goodbye"

(Hiroshi Sato, Awakening Album, 1982)

I'm extremely late to the party on this one. I just recently started getting into Japanese city pop and Hiroshi Sato is one of the greats. Absolutely love the synths and grooves on this song.

You can listen to Lexi's playlist on Spotify here


Top 5 Indie Artists in LA

Gracie Gray

DCR Pollock

Jake Tittle

All Things Blue

AO Gerber


Lexi's Tour Tips

It's a marathon, not a sprint haha. Try to eat healthy, don't drink too much, get good sleep, etc. My essentials would include headphones, a journal, and my coffee set up. I like taking moments to chill out and be alone in the morning and being able to brew myself a cup of coffee feels like a nice little slice of home.


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Listen to Lexi's Playlist on Spotify


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