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Catching up with Jesse Aicher of Prelow

One half of NYC-born band Prelow, Jesse Aicher speaks on his journey as an artist, sharing his proudest moments, musical inspirations and his thoughts on the growing independent music scene.

Image Courtesy of Jesse Aicher (via Instagram)

Paradigm Haus: Can you tell us about yourself and how you got into music?

Jesse Aicher: I started playing guitar when I was about nine, just as a little activity that my parents thought would be fun for me. Around the time I was 12 or 13 I started to realize I could learn songs that I like to listen to and write my own.

PH: Who were your musical inspirations growing up?

JA: My parents would always play the Beatles and U2 around the house, and my mom also was a tap dancer so there would be some degree of older folkier music being played. When I was old enough to choose my own music I went through a rock and pop/punk phase then a hip hop phase.

PH: Could you tell us about Prelow and how it came to life?

JA: Matt and I met in a class we were both taking at NYU in New York City. There was an assignment to group up and make a song and that’s actually how the first Prelow song was made.

Image Courtesy of Prelow (via Instagram)

PH: What have been your proudest career moments to date and why?

JA: All the touring we’ve been able to do is the most special to me. We’ve done three national tours now playing with other acts that I’d consider to be real friends. Those have been my favorite experiences.

PH: Congrats on 20million on 'Mistakes Like This'. The first song I came across from Prelow was actually 'I Don't Wanna End The Night'. Both beautiful songs. Could you tell us where you find inspiration for your songwriting?

JA: Thank you! A lot of the time the inspiration comes from a musical idea or the beat. ‘Mistakes Like This’ was almost entirely produced before I wrote any lyrics or came up with any melodies. At that point, I try to just lose myself in the music and start piecing together melodies and words until it feels right.

Image Courtesy of Jesse Aicher (via Instagram)

PH: How has the independent music scene evolved in NYC? Where are you based now?

JA: I wish I could say. I’ve been fairly isolated since the start of the pandemic, between my apartment in Brooklyn and my parents' places out of the city. I think NYC will always be a hub for independent music, there’s just too much going on here for it not to be.

PH: What's next for you and your musical career?

JA: Currently I’m enjoying writing for other artists and working on a solo project!

Listen to Jesse’s latest release BoutU featuring Westerns available on streaming platforms.


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