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Doris Poon and Tiffany Law Asia Society Hong Kong Curators on Contemporary Artists to watch now.

Doris Poon and Tiffany Law from Asia Society Hong Kong shares with us five contemporary artists to follow for inspiration from Sweden to Hong Kong.

The lead curators for Asia Society Hong Kong, Tiffany Law started as a practicing artist before moving to curation to explore the relationship between exhibition and society, while Doris Poon focuses on ideology and artistic expression. We asked Tiffany and Doris about their favorite contemporary artists now.

This excerpt is part of our 'Rapid Fire' series from our interview with Doris Poon and Tiffany Law. Find the full interview here.

Image courtesy of Stephen Friedman Gallery

Mamma Andersson, Sweden

Mamma Andersson’s paintings are captivating in the sense that the cinematic landscape paintings project a complicated composition, juxtaposing the interior and exterior settings with textured brushwork, loose washes, and evocative colors. The pictorial spaces often evoke a hint of suspense, mainly because Mamma draws inspiration from a wide range of archival photographic source materials, cinematic imagery, theater sets, and the mountainscapes in northern Sweden. It is like that specific scene does not belong to here nor there, the past nor present.

Installation view of Wheezing | Image courtesy of De Sarthe Gallery

Mark Chung, Hong Kong

Mark Chung is a young media artist known for his immersive installations which often offers an intimacy to the viewer's personal experience. The audience recalls a similar feeling that relates to your daily encounter with the urbanscape. In Mark's most recent solo exhibition's work, "Wheezing", recordings of the light show at Victoria Harbour 'A Symphony of Lights' were projected onto a wall of shattered glass and casting the shadows and light beams onto the viewer's body. That installation was visually intriguing and held metaphoric meaning about feelings of inescapability from a candy-coated utopian world.

Doodood, Balltsz, Muimui and Joel, 2018 | Image courtesy of Chris Huen Sin-Kan

Chris Huen Sin-Kan, Hong Kong and London

Chris Huen explores the moments and exquisite experiences of everyday daily life. Chris' subject matters always appear to be his dogs, sons, and wife, yet each interior scene is delicately painted, capturing a frozen moment. One can sense his intuition in the works, where brushwork is used to depict the "aura" and the air of each setting is fantastic. Sometimes it looks like there are different time zones in one scene.

An Emo Nose 2015 single-channel video animation | Image courtesy of Edouard Malingue Gallery

Wong Ping, Hong Kong

Wong Ping is famous for his video works, capturing the hidden obsession and secret compulsions in our everyday life and address them in the metropolis setting.

Hold your heart tightly | Image courtesy of Sarah Lai Cheuk Wah

Sarah Lai, Hong Kong

Sarah Lai is a local Hong Kong artist who is keen on using the pale palette to depict objects from daily life. The way Sarah places her paintings in a gallery space and the presentation with real everyday objects would offer new perspectives to view your daily surroundings.


Find out more about the exhibition and events at Asia Society Hong Kong website and follow them on Instagram at @asiasocietyhk.


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